Getting out the dyslexic makeover voting bloc

On my way to and from work I drive through Dallas City Council district 11. Linda Koop is running for the Council, and there are campaign yard signs all along my route. This blog doesn't endorse any candidate. I don't even live in Dallas. Neither does my coworker who reports that she reads the campaign signs as:


The brain is a strange and wonderful thing. It sees things as it expects to see them based on previous experiences. It votes for the incumbent without really analyzing the challenger.

On Wednesdays I drive through Richardson, and notice the many yard signs with small yellow italic lettering against a navy blue background:


Haven't found an online campaign page, so I can't post the image. My brain routs the information to the mental department of home improvement contractors where it will languish since I can't afford home improvements. Again, I don't live in Richardson, and I'm not endorsing anyone. If I knew who designed the signs, I would vote against that firm. It's confusing enough that the candidate's name includes the word "justice". I don't compute that Kathy is running for some office that doesn't involve justice because I'm still wondering if Kathy is roofing, landscaping, or doing a kitchen renovation on the house.

It may be that Kathy! is feeling kinda loopy.

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