Abducted by the Pod People

Actually, it was iPod people, male teens speaking their alien tongue, who abducted my computer. True, they didn't actually take it away. They more took it over, and my studio/office/bedroom, too, for three days.

"What are you doing?" I asked. The iPod people mumbled unintelligible phrases in their low voices. "Please give it back. Please, please," I pleaded. I was too sad and afraid to look into the eyes of my little mouse as she was forced to do their bidding.

At times during the long days, they would go off in search of large quantities of spicy provisions, letting me know from their growls, glares, and gestures that I was not to touch anything. Other times they would call me from their handheld communicator devices demanding that I perform ghastly technological chores that I could not understand beyond the words, "Click on".

It's over now. I have my computer and mouse back. The iPod people created their LAN, downloaded and copied (or vice versa) over two thousand songs into the iPod. How long these songs will sustain them, I don't know. Be on the lookout. Next time they may need YOUR computer.

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