It's not beans

The magical fruit is the one that can help get my mom back on track, or tract. I have great faith in bananas even though I am personally allergic to them. They are the very best things for babies and grownups with upset innards. They are also the thing to eat if you want to weigh enough to get into the Army.

My dad ate a bunch of them before he went for his Army physical. He was very cute and skinny in those days. He was the age my own sons are now, so I worry a lot about our Rummy's No Exit adventure in Iraq.

This is how to make gluten-free smoothies:

Place one peeled banana in the blender. Add 4 oz. or more of plain yogurt. Add 1 T powdered milk for extra protein. Add 4+ oz. milk or juice. Throw in frozen fruit--5 strawberries or 8 peach slices or 20 raspberries (any combo). You can also throw in one peeled kiwi, or 1/2 peeled orange, 1 ring of pineapple, 1 fresh mango, or just about anything fruititious. Make sure you added the milk or juice.

Start with the low speeds on the blender, then slowly accelerate through all the speeds. Baby, you were born to be wild! Eat it with a spoon or sip through a straw. Freeze the extra for a home-style sherbet.


Lone Ranger said...

"Rummy" has an exit strategy in Iraq. Win. Introduce another country to the joys of freedom. I didn't hear anyone talking about an exit strategy when Clinton took us into Bosnia. We're still there, by the way.

As for bananas, a lot of people are allergic to them. They contain a lot of sugar and starches that aren't really needed in a balanced diet. You said yourself that your father ate them to gain weight. That's about all they're good for. You can get plenty of potassium in other foods. The magical fruit is oranges. When I was working as a video editor in Hollywood, I would often have to pull 48 -hour shifts for directors who didn't have the slightest idea what they wanted their TV show or movie to look like. Oranges delivered instant energy and allowed me to work those brutal hours. Oh, and half a cup of orange juice has 300 mg of potassium.

Collagemama said...

Indeed, oranges and OJ are terrific for potassium. They don't work as glue, though, and sometimes what you really need is glue!


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