Swimming into the sunset: Good news & bad news

Wow. I am starting to see the results from my increased swim exercise program, aside from the enjoyment I've had from watching the sunsets on the pool water.

Today I put on a skirt I haven't been able to wear for two years because I had no waist. It fits! So I got on the scale. I lost two pounds this week. Weight loss on this exercise program has been very slow but steady. For once, I truly believe that muscles weigh more than fat. My shape and posture have both changed.

So what could be bad about this? My sleep cycle is all goofed up. Some nights I am out like a log for nine or ten hours, and feel groggy the next day. Other nights I only seem to be able to sleep three or four hours. Then I'm alert, but wired.

Does this sound familiar to anybody? Please tell me it will even out soon! You can tell I only got three hours last night.

1 comment:

talky123 said...

Sleep variations seem to be due to the Big M: Menopause.


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