Ultralight Flight

Amazingly, it is still the same day that I departed DFW. The Albuquerque Museum in Old Town has an exhibit of aerial photographs by Adriel Heisey. He takes his photos while flying a one-seat plane slightly larger than an ultra-light. The photos show prehistoric sites, archaeological sites, and modern human impact on the land. I'll try to put in a link, but you can check the web at www.cdarc.org. I particularly liked this quote from the exhibit:

Querencia is that love of place--ensouling. The land ensouls you...I think you're born with that in your genes when you're born on this type of landscape. When you're young you don't see it that way, but the older you get the more attached you become to the landscape. Juan Estevan Arellano, journalist and descendant of sixteenth century Spanish settlers of Embudo, New Mexico

The New Mexico landscape is ensouling for me. So is the South Dakota Badlands/Black Hills area. Nebraska and Oklahoma landscapes also form my taproot to Mother Earth. "Ensouling" is the perfect word. I feel New Mexico in my molten vertical core, and in my horizontal, branching airy limbs.

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