Turquoise Toenail Trail

Woke up too early for the motel's continental breakfast, so I watched CNN Headline News and painted my toenails. Used my charm to convince the desk clerk to upgrade my Thursday reservation to a King with a view of the Sandia Crest at the price of a Queen with a view of the interstate interchange.

After my requisite meal of grape jelly I headed back to the UNM campus with my camera. Wandered all through the art department and performing arts center, and around the residence halls. Then headed west out of Albuquerque on Central, which is both the campus drag and the historic Route 66. Wish I had brought the 66 travel guide from Janie! Anyway, I grooved on the old neon motel signs. Stunned to find a Stuckeys still operating at exit 89 from I-40 just east of Grants.

Checked in with my folks. Howie had lost an inlay. This is on top of Fritzi's root canal nightmare. I would have loved sharing this vacation with them, but am so relieved that this latest complication occurred back home.

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