Superhuman AND Nonexistent

The only for sure thing at the Santa Fe Opera's performance of "Don Giovanni" is the elevation of the tailgate picnic to a fine art form. Forget Wimbledon's strawberries and the Derby's mint juleps. I have a friend who should quit her day job and become an opera tailgate banquet consultant.

Got to the opera early enough to attend the first "prelude" lecture. What fun! The old ladies with their wheely oxygen tanks and I grooved on the insights of the handsome young tenorish lecturer. I am beginning to understand the comparison of "Don Giovanni" to "Hamlet". There are so many ways to interpret the opera. Is it a conflict between lust and respectability? Is it about revenge vs. forgiveness? Is it about the mystery of what women really want? Our lecturer indicated that we might be added to the Don's list as we became fascinated with the questions.

After the lecture I had time to loiter around the box office waiting for our wonderful Noelle and her young man. What splendid people-watching! What cloud and mountain watching!

On the way to the opera I saw this wonderfully effective sign in a construction zone:

Please slow down. My daddy works here.

The opera, art museum, and chamber music gift shops were all about fancy shawls of velour and lace or beads. Back on Saturday when I went to the Albuquerque Museum of Art I saw an afghan crocheted of cassette recording tape. Maybe there's a market for something in the middle!

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