Rhoda Goes To Love Field

Yee-haw! I am getting out of town! I just had to stop by work to fax Jeff's birth certificate to him in Indiana before going to the airport. I am so grateful for Mike taking me to the airport and taking care of the condo while I'm gone. I am just letting go of all the worrying and care-taking of my normal existence. An egg McMuffin and I'm out of here!

There is a learning curve to my new wheely suitcase. I loaded it wrong, so it keeps flopping over on its belly. I get tangled up between my purse and the wheely handle, but fortunately I don't break my arm. It weighs entirely too much for me to boost it up into an overhead carry-on bin. I'm thrilled to check it and break free. Somehow, I don't think Mary Tyler Moore would be tangled in her suitcase when she strides off into her new life and throws her hat in the air. Still, I might just make it after all.

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