Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Have to fess up right up front. Canyon Road makes me claustrophobic. I can't see any horizon! The road is mighty narrow. I did know I needed to visit this famous collection of Santa Fe galleries, but I didn't exactly imagine why. When I reached the historic gardens of El Zaguan I thought I had found my purpose. What a beautiful spot!

My wandering eventually led me to Housang's Gallery. I've put in a link over there on the right. This gallery had large photos of rusty old cars and trucks. No 1961 Plymouth Sport Furies, but a wide spectrum of rust colors to enjoy. When I started to select the poor man's art form, the art greeting card, the woman behind the counter introduced herself as the photographer. Soon Barbara Bowles and I are in a discussion of junkyard dogs as dangers on our rusted vehicle photo shoots. I explain about my never-finished quilt of Kansas storms through car windows made with dyed and distressed fabrics. Barbara explains the process of scanning her negatives then correcting the colors in Photoshop. What great fun! Our chat becomes more personal and specific. Barbara tells me that she has the best results using 3M framing tape instead of archival glue sticks. That probably sounds petty to anyone who has never tried to create photo greeting cards, but it was the equivalent of telling the location of pirate's gold. Soon we were pondering the best college education choices for my high school photographer son. Please check out the link for the "Pickup Artist". Barbara has some great discoveries in her auto photo series. I really appreciate her willingness to discuss arts and education.

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