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During my week off I had great fun helping a friend create a Blogger blog to honor his godmother. That lady seems to be a very interesting character, judging from the many testimonials collected by my pal. Did I mention this lady is a nun and a long-time advocate for social change in the Detroit area?

I am putting a link over there in the sidebar to the blog for Sr Theresa Blaquiere. I enjoyed creating it with the recently improved Blogger, and the cool, yet dignified, new template options. It was fun, too, introducing a new crew to the possibilities of blogging.

Today is the day that Sr Theresa will learn about the blog. If you click on it, be sure to yell, "Surprise!"

In this election year there's a lot of talk about religion and leadership and social change and politics, and nearly all of it is hokum. It is refreshing to read about a person who has put her beliefs into action to improve life for many people, and stood up to politicians along the way. That's not the same thing as spouting puffy "God is on our side" rhetoric to create a smokescreen while sending young soldiers into combat.

Now, you may think I am full of hot air. That could be true. In which case, I refer you to the previous post about giant burritos.

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