Spectator SAXophone Online

Yes, indeed, we have reached a new low at the condo. Mike and his friends are upstairs keeping tabs on the EBay bidding for Mike’s old saxophone. It is a beginner saxophone, only good enough for grade 6-7 band. By eighth grade Mike was playing the school’s baritone sax instead, and it had a case the size of a coffin. In tenth grade Mike had the horrible experience of playing in the high school marching band, being screamed at for several hours a day by a band director bent on getting another perfect rating at the UIL competition. That pretty much killed Mike’s interest in band and saxophone, and mine. Where’s the fun of marching in the 4th of July parade playing Sousa, doing a Star Wars medley on the football field, or playing “We Are the Champions” at the basketball game? This is Plano, Texas. We don’t have fun learning about music, we conquer the hell out of it.

Anyway, the bidding is up to $280 with four hours to go. I hope the $280 will cover the cost of shipping.

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