The Prune Song

The Prune Song translation I typed up before made me think of an Andy Kaufman routine. This is a more lyrical version, for which I thank www.kovandasczechband.org, the translator, and the publisher:

English interpretation by Robert Ermis. This is a literal translation of Prune Song rather than a translation designed to be sung.

Verse 1:
Beyond our village on the state highway
plums are growing.
With Annie I searched. We used to eat plums.
It was always so nice.
We always sat near each other.
We gazed at the stars and heavens.
And now, so alone already, I recall everything
I would like to be near you.

In our lane, plums are rolling.
I don't watch them today.
My eyes are burning.
If I had a girl, I would go after her.
I would give her a kiss on the cheek.
Nobody would know.

Verse 2:
Beyond our village on the state highway
plums are like fists.
Annie said nothing. She ran away from me.
Now I have no good luck.
Annie now watches the plums with somebody else.
She no longer watches our plum jam.
The stars used to see things.
One doesn't talk about that.

This presentation Copyright © 1998, 2004 George W. Jolly. Permission is granted for use of this information provided that you observe all rights of the original author, publisher or other legal copyright holder of this song. Without those writers and publishers we would have no access to beautiful music.

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