Briny and sweet

In the past month I've been to four movies in theaters! This is a personal record. Many years I see less than two. Don't rent videos, either, since I got in a huff with Blockbuster and mailed them my chopped up card several years back.

Anyway, I've been going to movies, but not eating popcorn, which lifts me aesthetically above Your Average Movie-goer. Not that I feel morally superior, just middle-aged rotund.

Went to see "Something's Got To Give" on a misty evening. Yes, it made me want to walk down a beach even if I couldn't have Diane Keaton's character's fabulous beach house. Was it an artist date? Hardly. Driving home in the cool, misty rain with black bare trees silohuetted against the trapped-light urban night sky was a feast for the senses. Caviar, lox, melon, champagne, licorice, hot springs, sandstone, steam, grapes, must, slate, shrimp, frost, charcoal, ash, oxygen.

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