A good week for toms and tallies

Tommy can you hear me?  Although Thomas is still in the top sixty-five male baby names, I can't remember teaching any boys named Thomas, Tom, or Tommy.  I am intrigued by baby naming trends, having taught preschoolers for a ridiculously long time. I often wish I'd kept a tally of student names. The associations that accompany those names could be cautionary tales for expectant parents!  Let's just say that if you want your daughter to always wear panties to school, don't name her Chloe or Alexandra!  Statistics will bear me out on this. Should you need a kid to run for help, ask for a Jack or a Mike.

As a teen I worked in the hospital kitchen preparing special diets for diabetics and other patients.  One of my duties was tallying the orders marked on patient menus, including the special dietary requirements and special requests.  This was a good gig, sitting near the fan in the relatively cool dietary office.  Compiling this count required shortcut abbreviations:

tom jce = tomato juice
FF = fat free
SF = salt free
VW = 6 vanilla wafers
LD = 3 Lorna Doone cookies  
van pdg = vanilla pudding
crax = 5 saltines
RA cherries = Royal Anne cherries
WP RA cherries = water-packed Royal Anne cherries for diabetics
soft RA cherries = canned pitted Royal Anne cherries 
WC = whipped cream 

It's the pits when you can't have WC on your red jello cubes:  

I'm so lucky to have the promise of good toms from Janie to get me through each day until lunchtime.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Hmmm, makes me want to check with the mother of a little girl named Chloe!

Kim said...

The same Chloe who hides her math homework under the bed?

Collagemama said...

Sounds like something a Chloe would do.


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