Sports medicine

Piggie pink frosting removed from two dozen grocery store birthday cupcakes and collected in a Baggie is a tad creepy.  With the securing twist-tie in place, the 1.5 pound blob reshapes into a football pigskin* you wouldn't want to catch.  Hail that, Roger Staubach!

I am not the Decider at school regarding extreme frosting, thank heaven.  The cupcakes delivered this week were clearly across the line into flagrant frosting violation, and would not be served to the kiddies.

Luckily, too, I am not in the frosting-scraping position.  With the mounds of frosting removed, the cupcakes sitting on their festive birthday napkins reminded me of obese sunbathers on a nude beach early in the tanning season.  Not a pretty sight!

Whoever thought of putting cheapo plastic Disney Princess rings into mounds of frosting on bad cupcakes packaged in clear, molded plastic must have made several fortunes by now.  Who wants to wear a sticky ring?  Who wants to bicker over the favorite princess? 

My walking buddy told me I had to get myself to a clinic Sunday to get meds for my bronchitis.  She told me I could not Pass Go or Collect $200 unless I went right away.  I like Minute Clinic inside a nearby CVS drugstore.  The nurse practitioner works through a computerized checklist.  It's a convenient, quick, efficient, inexpensive way to get help for basic medical needs.  Good to know my cough is due to allergies, and an inhaler is needed, not antibiotics or more Robitussin.  The inhaler is working.

Feeling rotten and waiting to see the nurse, I stared at the large display of robotic Zhu Zhu hamsters, Kung Zhu hamsters, hairstyling hamsters, racecar hamsters.  They reminded me of  Harriet, the hamster that would not die.  Maybe if Harriet had been coifed and driving racecars she would have been more sociable.  A battery operated hamster would have been much more appropriate for my 1987 stress level.

This pretty planter was a teacher appreciation gift.  Hope I can keep some of it alive!

While the Mavericks were shooting three-pointers like crazy to sweep the Lakers, I gave my Mother's Day bear its annual dusting.  We brought the new baby Woolly Mammoth** home from Methodist Hospital on Mother's Day 1987.  His dad and older brothers presented me with a glass teddy bear that Mother's Day.  It wasn't really my style, but it made me teary-eyed then, and it did again this Mother's Day. 

* The official NFL Wilson football weighs 0.91 pounds.

**The new baby Woolly Mammoth weighed 9.3 pounds.  That would be a whole lot of pink cake frosting.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Glad you have an inhaler, and that no kids inhaled pink frosting. Sweet planter, sweet bear!

Kim said...

I am ashamed to say I took 30 cupcakes with lots of blue green yellow and pink frosting on them to Sisi's class yesterday. I warned the teacher via email that I would be showing up about 2:00. When I walked in the door...it was an unsuspecting substitute. She handled us with grace and charm and and Sisi is such a great student that she would be worth any interruption.


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