Chains and nets and webs

Couldn't quite visualize how tomorrow's art classes will work, as I haven't done a collaborative wire sculpture in too many years.  "Wire sculpture" may sound a bit fancy for pipe cleaners, but any of the preschoolers who aren't blinded will learn something new!  Most of them are in greater danger of poking an eye out while excavating sinus cavities than by flipping wires.  Still, I will have to seat them far apart.

This is not a macaroni pipe cleaner penne pasta project with pony beads.  This is Real Art, and don't you forget it!  We will use recyclables of wood, plastic, styrofoam, and cardboard.  Then we will somehow work together to form chains, ladders, nets, and webs.  That's the hazy point in this lesson plan.

"Recombinant" always seems like it should mean the two chubby, middle-aged lovers loosely entangled on an old, dusty, mildly mildewed sectional sofa have dozed off with the game in the bottom of the fifth on the black and white tv, and the slices of cheddar and salami gradually hardening on the Melmac plates. With or without saltines, this is going to be way too complex to explain to the students.  I need a walk even though we got four inches of rain in the past two days.

The allied Robitussin and chicken soup are beating back the bronchial insurgents on most fronts.  Down by the creek, though, the coalition of Carolina wrens and mosquitoes is winning.  Six wrens read me the riot act.  I know it will go on my Permanent Record. 

Then I startled this bird, and it flew up into a tree. I just kept snapping photos as I walked closer and closer. It turned its rusty brown neck in awkward poses, with my shots aggravated by the late afternoon glare. It could be a juvenile black-crowned night heron, or maybe a juvenile green heron. I wouldn't be bitter if it was a least bittern.

Don't think the little kids will create a double helix.  I'm hoping for a chain.  Then the older groups can make the wires into ladders, nets, and webs.

Walking in the mud, I was stuck between Dionne Warwick singing "Trains and Boats and Planes" and Aretha doing "Chain of Fools".  Chains and nets and wrens...

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

My Sisi should have a sign that says "will work for pipe cleaners"

Kathleen said...

I was thinking of how Sisi would love this project! And we want pictures, of course.


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