Undissolvable, with lava lamps and Jujyfruits for all

Prologue 1598.  Boris Godunov has retreated to the Novodievichy Monastery near Moscow.  ... Shchelkalov announces that Boris still refuses the throne and sorrows over Russia's insoluble misery.*

Russian misery won't dissolve.  It can't be diluted.  It won't mix with water.  No wonder it seems gritty. It must be related to the liquids with "Thick-It" for stroke and Parkinsons patients.

Insoluble--Is thitta word?  Is thit the right word?

Meeting despicable former KGB agents in Henning Mankell's The White Lioness, I am in a gritty, clouded Russian mood.  The Dallas Opera's production of "Boris Godunov" is fantastic.  FANTASTIC!  Still, that word "insoluble" is burbling in the back of my head.

It's a wonder I passed eleventh grade chemistry class.  It was right after lunch, a time when my brain is least likely to form a solution. 
  • Is Boris refusing (throne + sorrows)?
  • Is Boris sorrowing? 
  • Does Boris have clogged plumbing?
  • Does Boris need a blender?
  • What would be the crown for Your Insolubleness?
  • Wouldn't Insolubly be a great name for a racehorse?
  • Did I mention "Boris Godunov" will move into my Top Ten Dallas Opera productions?

insoluble [ɪnˈsɒljʊbəl]  adj

1. (Chemistry) incapable of being dissolved; incapable of forming a solution, esp in water ... Not capable of being fully dissolved. Fats and oils are insoluble in water.

2. incapable of being solved ...  Therefore, I am happily proved wrong.  The Playbill word choice was appropriate.

insolubility , insolubleness n

insolubly adv

[This photo subject is not a lava lamp. It is the lamp my sister and I had in our bedroom growing up in the Sixties.]

* From the Playbill for the Dallas Opera's production of "Boris Godunov", courtesy of Opera News.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kathleen said...

I think you would like Seana's blog called "Confessions of Ignorance" over in my blogroll. She pursues words she doesn't quite know the meaning of...until she does.

I love your riff on "insoluble."


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