Trees in bloom, and in knits

Maybe this is an April fools joke, or perhaps somebody at the Woolie Ewe yarn shop had too much coffee.  Either way, it was an eye-catching sight in the grocery parking lot.  When I jumped out of the Buick to take some photos, a man obligingly moved his pick-up truck.  First he asked, "Are those supposed to be upside down pants?"  Might be Dr. Seuss's pale green pants with just a tree inside them.

This azalea is a quinceanera tree.  Well, not really, but the blooms look like the gowns of sweet fifteen years olds having portraits made in the gardens of the Dallas Arboretum.  Usually the gardens are full of photo entourages in wedding attire, but Sunday it was the quinceanera photo crowd.  The gowns tended toward magenta or purple, shaped like a doll cake.  Caught in the wind, the full skirts rang like Disney Fantasia flower bells.  The bodices usually laced in the back.  Matching flowers and tiaras had to be carted around in boxes and bags in the drizzle.  The completed looks lost something as the bare-shouldered honorees had to be wrapped in whatever blanket was in the trunk of the car.
The Arboretum's azalea vale was a flood of color.  I was surprised by the orange and yellows.

This might be wisteria.
The hawk was mysteria wistifed, sitting in this tree in the parking lot after an unsuccessful chase of a smaller bird.

For a joke today, it should get up to eighty-five degrees.  Have to turn off the furnace AGAIN. 

Happy April!

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

What beautiful azaleas! I love those colors. The tree might want to switch to a pair of shorts if it hits 85 today.

Kathleen said...

Gorgeous! Amazingly, orange azaleas, which usually do not survive so well in this Midwestern climate, grow in my neighbor's back yard. Since she is out of her house, another neighbor took a clump (with permission) for her back yard, too.

I have seen wrapped trees somewhere. Where was it? Auughh!

Collagemama said...

"yarn bombing"


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