Catching the bus to Pierce

Got a call early this morning informing me Dad had crawled out of bed onto the floor.  No injuries, thank heaven.  He seemed about the same when I got over to Life Care, except his eyes were only half open. 

Dad's first question was if his mother still had a telephone.  I didn't tell him Halma died close to thirty years ago.  He was worried she wouldn't know he'd be arriving on the bus.  He didn't think he had any clothes or shoes that fit, and no money for a haircut.  Dad did not want to arrive in Pierce without a nice haircut.

I was worrying about Danger Baby's inlaws in St. Louis, and tuned in the Weather Channel for tornado news.  Dad was worrying about getting to the depot on time.  It's all about needing more time, or thyme:

Just In Time 
By Jule Styne, Adolph Green, Betty Comden, performed by Dudley Moore

Just in time

you’ve found me

just in time

Before you came my time was running low

I was lost the losing dice were tossed

My bridges all were crossed nowhere to go

Thank heaven in all the tossed airplanes no lives were lost!

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Sending you love. Your light heart is handling the darker truths of life so well, dear.

I saw Bells are Ringing as a live production some years ago in Ohio and recently re-watched the movie...until I fell asleep or the CD froze, can't remember. Sort of like life.

Kim said...

Keep hanging in there Collagemama! Your dad's thoughts sound like a variation on one of those dreams of trying to get to the college exam on time, or trying to get on the airplane with messed up baggage. He might be waking up to a nicer reality in his own dreams.


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