Pastels for $200, Alex.

Food coloring and vinegar alter this hard-boiled source of protein into a symbol of rebirth.

  • What is an egg? Pastels for $400, Alex.

Combining a bright tempera color with this paint, or diluting a watercolor pigment creates a pastel.

  • What is white?  Pastels for $600, Alex.

This popular food usually combines a dairy product with fruit, and might be packaged for disgusting slurping from a plastic tube.
  • What is yogurt? Pastels for $800, Alex.

A pastel green frozen scoop minus the chocolate chips is just this chilling ice cream flavor.

  • What is mint?  Pastels for $1000.

Creamy, rich, thick paint strokes depicting cafeteria dessert offerings make this artist a good luncheon choice at the Sheldon Museum of Art.

  • Who is Wayne Thiebaud? 

Paging through The Art of Richard Diebenkorn  while listening to Herbie Hancock's River might be good stress relief for this former flower girl.

  • Who is CollageMama?

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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