Mystery chrysalis

A student discovered this cocoon on the playground fence near the utility box.  I'm out of time for identification efforts this morning, but I'll throw my butterfly and insect field guides into my bag in case there's a free moment.  I like the way it looks like it has a zipper.

This is the base of the utility box.  It could have a zipper, too.  It sure has teeth.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...


Possible space alien.

Kim said...

I love that chrysalis, too! Can't wait to find out what kind of butterfly will emerge.

Malc Davison said...

Not a Chrysalis.....It's an Ootheca. Made by a Praying Mantis. Contains the eggs.
But looking at the date on this blog I'm guessing you may already have researched it and knew that.

Collagemama said...

I had guessed that it was a praying mantis. Last year we had lots of praying mantids in the garden and around the playground. This year not a one. I haven't spotted any on my trail walks either.

Speaking Of The Spectrum said...

Thank you all! I just found one of these on my back deck railing and was wondering what type of insect it was! I can't wait to meet them!


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