Lazy lint living

Someone who wants to be mysterious left a VIP pass to the Dallas Arboretum clipped to my timecard.  When gifts fall from the sky, I am glad to take the hint that I need some pampering and downtime. 

Dad didn't want to talk this morning, but he was glad to drink coffee and eat some of the lemon tea tot cookies sent by Mary in Ohio.  He is lucky I didn't snarf them all when I ate a test tea tot or two or three ...

Sleep is a gift.  Dreams are hard workers.  After a few nights of insomnia, my dreams are working overtime to interfile all the new input in my Old School card catalog brain.  For some reason I keep waking up to find I've pulled the pillow case off my pillow.

No matter how crazed my life gets, I keep doing the laundry.  The clean laundry gets dumped in a pile on my bed.  The pile builds in geologic strata, waiting in vain for a folding moment. I begin pretending it is a shelter of mammoth tusks in a Jean Auel novel--The Clan of the Lint Living Lazy Folders.

I will post some photos of my afternoon at the Arboretum soon.  Now it is time to make the hummus of the week.  Sun-dried tomato?

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

I'm glad you got to the arboretum. I am thinking of you fondly in a pile of lint.

If today's code word, zjkxacke, were a real word, I would win big in Scrabble.

Kim said...

What is the plural of arboretum? Inquiring minds want to know.

Collagemama said...

The big red dictionary says either tums or ta, but my first guess was "botanical gardens".

Kim said...

I like -ta. Arboreta. Botanical gardenta.


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