The hurrieder I go

I feel like a poster child for Behinder I Get.  Maybe Jerry Lewis could host a telethon for me.

We had a pretty good turnout at school Open House, and I'm mighty glad to say no staff members wore gingham kimonos.  The carwash and elephant art looked good.  Parents discussed the comparative therapeutic values of coin-op and ride-through carwashes.  I prefer coin-op, spraying and foaming the Skylark on a sunny day.  It makes sense that moms with small children prefer escaping alone to the ride-through on Ladies' Day for the two minutes trapped in the tunnel with no demands.  These options should both be included in any health care coverage.

Tuesday I had to stomp my little feet and insist that the nurse call the doctor and report Dad's decline.  Both the nurse and aide were substitutes and didn't notice any difference in Dad.  Now Dad's had a chest xray, is on oxygen, and receiving breathing treatments.  By Wednesday evening he looked almost human and sounded much better.  It is still time to arrange hospice, but I have some time to compare the providers available.  Plus, I've mobilized an army of grandkids to write letters and send cards to their Gramps.  I can go check on him before our staff in-service.

Blogging, 365 photos, taxes, power of attorney aggravations, housework, and the search for comfortable-shoes-to-stand-in-all-day-everyday-and-wear-on-the-playground will have to wait.  That is not a heap of clothes waiting to be ironed in front of the t.v.  It's interior decorating.

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