Humus vs. Hummus

My biggest fear about my June gig as a worm stand-up comic is pronunciation in public.  Yes, I worry that I'll say hummus when I mean humus. 

I just made this week's hummus.  Say it with me:  Hummus.  It is roasted red pepper, and will be yummy on the Blue Diamond roasted almond Nut Thins.

While the garbanzos were in the blender, I checked on the progress of my worms.  They were supposed to be reacting immediately to exposure to the bright sunshine streaming in the laundry room window.  They were, ahem, supposed to be rushing to hide under the peanut butter jar lids.  They were doing no such thing.  In fact I saw one rubbing on Coppertone. 

A great deal of research, development, and worm training will go into the We Dig Worms event for a library summer reading program. We will be making nightcrawler towers with layers of sand, dirt, and leaves in peanut butter jars. We may be serving tiny chocolate pudding parfaits with crumbled Oreos on top. There will be worm experiments, vermicomposting instruction, a petting zoo. Thank heavens I have three months to get ready. Need to work with an elocution coach, too! Say it with me: Humus

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Wait till Hummus Anonymous gets hold of this!

Code word for my comment today: tutorp

Thank you for tutorping me in the pronunciation of "hummus" and "humus."

Kim said...

You might get flustered and say Humorous. Or humbleness (oops that's humility, nevermind). Or go into a chant involving the syllable Hummmmmmmm. Besides, it is never inappropriate to mention hummus, never ever ever. I'm sure about that.


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