Having the filling and agitating time of your life

He's having the time of his life!

That phrase popped to mind last weekend watching Norton the Preschool Rabbit create his perfect bunny cave in the myrtle around my patio. 

What is time?  What is the time of our life?  What is wrong with the timer on my old washing machine?  What is our life?  The washer is probably long past its expected life span.

It's been an agitating week, short on cool rinses and gentle cycles.  I've been permanent wrinkled.  Or at least wrung out in serious spins. 

This Sixties band never achieved the success of Jefferson Airplane or the Grateful Dead, but the songs "White Bird", "The Girl With No Eyes", and "Time Is" hold a special place in the minds of certain Baby Boomers.

What is It's a Beautiful Day, Alex?

Time is too slow for those who wait,
and time is too swift for those who fear.

Time is too long for those who grieve,

and time is too short for those that laugh.

But for those who love,

Sweet time, sweet love

Precious time, precious love

Time is eternity.

Wash, rinse, and spin are sometimes joined by pre-soak in this list of laundry appliance functions.  What are cycles for $400, Alex?

Could I get a new washer for $400, Alex?  My machine fills with whatever temperature water it feels like at a trickling pace.  I put the clothes in, and start the washer before leaving for work at 7:30 a.m.  I arrive home after visiting Dad, and the machine is still dripping water into the tub for the rinse cycle at 6:30 p.m. 

Unless I set the dial on Hot Wash Hot Rinse. Then the tub fills quickly, and my clothes shrink quickly. It is the machine's fault! I am not getting chubbier this fast.

Life is there for the cherishing and savoring.  The memorial gathering for Felecia was so moving.  We sat on our lawn chairs in the city's greenbelt park watching hawks overhead. Butterflies flew through. Somehow I delivered my little eulogy without getting paralyzed or totally dissolving in tears.  We celebrated the times of her life.

Get out there and have the time of your life today!

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

I am glad you had sweet love time for your friend Felecia.

Kim said...

Some days I feel like the clothes that have been through the old wringer washer then hung up with wooden pins in the rough March wind. Some days I feel like I've been gently handwashed in Woolite and laid out on a soft towel to dry. It's all the time of my life. (Lyrics now ab/used in the Black Eyed Peas song Dirty Bit.)

Collagemama said...

Going to try the Woolite visualization the next time the insomnia fairy visits. And boy do I remember the cold wooden pins in the March wind, and trying to control the bedsheets as I unpinned them from the line.


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