Emerging, creating, swearing, worrying

This is an early stage in the creation of the triptych backdrop for the spring music festival. It is pre-sea anemone, and completely lacking starfish.

Today the youngest preschoolers reviewed stripes and spots and worked on cutting, except they thought they were making sea anemones. They will be so proud when their efforts show up on the backdrop.  They are intrigued by strawberry sea anemones, and we will have to learn more about these creatures to discuss over lunch.

Only Carmina Burana will do tonight.  The music is full of tension, but also celebrates the return of spring.  It is "profane" and "erotic", and sings of the wheel of life, fortune, wealth, [taxes], and death.  And since I burned my supper, the roasting swan solo fits.

Dad asked me to feed him the slippery cinnamon baked apple slices this evening, and allowed me to spoon in some rice and ground meat.  It was nice to be asked, and good to have him eat much more than usual. 

The impending arrival of a roommate has Dad very anxious.  He had such a bad roommate experience in Nebraska that I fret with him.  We have been lucky to pay for a semi-private room for three months without having to share. 

Dad is expressing his anxiety inappropriately, even asking his 3-11 nurse, "Hey, b----, what do you want?"  She took it personally at first when Dad was obnoxious, but she is learning to celebrate his spunk.  Yesterday he slapped a tater tot clear across the room, and without a pingpong paddle.  Thank heaven my little students didn't observe this bad manner, as they would be sure to imitate!

This photo is from Tuesday morning.  Click on it so you can see the distinctive monarch wings inside the darkening chrysalis.   
The monarch emerged from its chrysalis in the middle of art class. It flailed a bit, but eventually crawled up to the top of the butterfly net to let its wings get stronger.

Nobody saw the actual busting out of the monarch, alas.  We were busy painting starfish for the backdrop.  Even empty, the chrysalis looks like a jewel.
The butterfly is just beginning to straighten its wings after emerging from the chrysalis.  It's not ready to dance.  Go ahead and click the link for some nice video of Carmina by the Tulsa Ballet.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

I had a patient the other day that answered every question I asked with the phrase "I don't give a S&**"...finally I started laughing with him when he said it and then he was much more cooperative. I have never had a tater tot thrown at me yet, though.

Kathleen said...

So much beauty! I know some Tulsa babes and that it is a wonderful cultural place!

I burned part of my dinner, too, the corn muffins. They survived and tasted good but were a little hard. I blame the timer, which I forgot to set, so I blame me.


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