Cash Cab vs golden moment

We never found ourselves answering questions in the Cash Cab during my NYC weekend. I was ready to play! Should I have auditioned?

No cash, but I was a winner on my Presidents' Day final NY taxi ride. Almost as soon as I hugged Danger Baby goodbye and settled into the cab, I started to cry.

"Please take me to La Guardia, and I'll get it together in a minute," I told the driver.
"You miss him already," he answered, and handed me a stack of napkins to dab my eyes.
"I'm just so proud of him and so fond of his wife," I snurfled between blowing my nose and wiping my eyes.

"Isn't it wonderful when your children are both successful AND happy?," the cabbie asked.

"You must be a parent yourself."

"Yes, my son is finishing law school in Connecticut, and my daughter is finishing nurse's training."

What a gift better than cash to have this cab driver's wisdom on the way to Queens!
© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

What a wonderful story.

Kathleen said...

Speaking of cabs, you might like this poem. (If link doesn't work, you can click Leveler over at my blog.)


Collagemama said...

I love the poem, Kathleen, and appreciate the explanation of metaphors. It's so helpful to have an English teacher on my personal staff!


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