Water Show & Tell

  The kindergarten student brought a half empty bottle of water to school Monday for show and tell.  It's common for a student to grab whatever is rolling around in the backseat of the car on exiting the vehicle with the vague intent to show and tell that object.  Usually these objects are coloring books, Hot Wheels cars, Legos, or stuffed unicorns with irridescent manes.
With raised eyebrows I asked what the student intended to tell about the water bottle.  He had a plan to explain the importance of drinking water.  "Alright, General Ripper," I thought, "be sure to mention purity of essence and precious bodily fluids."

  Having sneered at the concept, I find myself doing the exact same thing. Don't you just hate when that happens?  For the past week I've been fascinated with water as it changes between vapor, liquid, and solid. I just can't take enough photos of freezing water and ice.
The ice formed in rings around rocks in the creek.
 Green ice is creekbed moss through the ice.   
Pebble ice might have formed where melt from the roof splashed on the patio.

 See the ice bead at the end of the twig at the lower left corner?  It sparkled through the window like a giant diamond or a blown glass rod.

Some globes of ice acted as magnifying glasses in the leaf litter, or formed fabulous ruffles.
 Mentally I spent part of my day in a cave.  The better part was spent pondering geologic formations and this most common rock.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kathleen said...

I'll be thinking about water and ice all day, thanks to you. And looking at plenty of ice out the window. By Monday, the 40s, plenty of water!


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