Golden girls stake claims for retirement living

Home is where the heart is. 
She had a heart of gold. 
Don't put me in the home. 
There's no place like home. 
Home-cooking good looking, whatcha got?  Hey?
Home room and other scary flashbacks to junior high.

Geez.  What if being "put in the home" is a return to seventh grade Home Room?  Old age is already hell.  Don't make it worse by making me twirl the dial of a junior high locker combination with arthritic fingers! 
For years now my walking buddy and I have been scoping out sites for our retirement living in corrugated refrigerator boxes along the creek.  Sadly, this game has become a likely future.  So far, we don't believe economist reports of improved conditions.  Gas and grocery prices climbed again this week.  Imagining spending my last ten bucks on plain label Saran Wrap to weatherproof the refrigerator box is not what I call "consumer confidence".

I would rather go live in a milkweed pod or tiny bird's nest, dress in lichen, and sip tea from acorn caps. I'm planning to co-star in the movie, "Honey, I Shrunk the Seniors" with Rick Moranis.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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