Black ice

Even in my sleep I was listening for the misty rain to turn to freezing drizzle.  This new weather event had been predicted for days, filling the news gap left after the Super Bowl.  First it would rain getting the roads good and wet, THEN the temperature would plummet creating invisible ice.  Maybe after that Mother Nature would send snow and/or sleet.

That invisible ice is called "black ice" in Dallas, while we might have called it "glare ice" in Nebraska.  I call it other things that aren't printable when I discover it.

At six the patio and front walk just looked wet, but most school districts were already closed for the day.  Shortly after that falling frozen ice pellets began alternating with fluffy snowflakes and sideways snow.  It's been a Blue and Gold banquet of weather options by midmorning, all as appealing as the potluck dishes after the nose-picking Cub Scouts have gone through the line first.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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