Unlike Cinderella on Sunday #1

I couldn't get my magic slippers off.  CollageMama's Anti-Blue Bag Rustic Park Creek Clean-up effort did a beta run, and I quickly found places in the creek deeper than the loaner boots from Ms. Janie.  What I learned:
  • It's lots easier to collect garbage from the creek than it is to get size 9 boots off my fat, soggy feet.
  • I need a better collection and retrieval system.
  • Hauling bags of trash up the creek banks and to the dumpster is exhausting.
  • Birds are excited about my efforts, and sing wildly ahead of my efforts.
  • Dogs are aggitated, vocal, loud and persistant in their opposition to the same.
  • Whether the most important aspect is size or technique, it's really hard to pull those boots off.  Thought I might have to call 911!

Draining boots on the condo doorstep

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Zipper is breaking on one of my boots, so similarly stuck for a time yesterday....

No animals were harmed in the removal of this boot.

Kim said...

I have some boots like those! Mine are a brand called "La Macha" which I think must be Macho For Chicks!


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