Sliders and other burgers

My heavens those marinaded Hawaiian roll sandwiches were good.  Teeny, but good.  You can Google and find recipes, and I'm not sure which treat we ate, but they slid down deliciously and left us licking our fingers.  I wish the Lunch Bunch were still coming around on Fridays so I could make these goodies for them while they did their French homework.

I'm not sure of the attraction of teeny sandwiches and burgers, but I spy them every time I open a food section of the newspaper or magazine.  Now I offer the unmarinaded recipe for the teeniest slider, as demonstrated by a four year old today at snack time.


Carefully place one raisin between two cheerios.  Hold firmly between index finger and thumb.  Nibble.  Repeat.  Hold your pinkie up to show your refinement.  Stretch this snack to a new world's slow eating record!

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kim said...

Kids Eat the Darnedest Things!


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