Midge not Barbie

Midge models her 1961 red prom dress on the bathroom counter. All night I searched for the perfect prom dress in Barbie's Fashion Shop, with frustrating REM side-trips to Gateway Mall. 

A legendary Oklahoma lawmen invited me to prom.  Not Bill Tilghman.  Not Chris Madsen.  Must have been Heck.

Surfacing too quickly from the depths when the alarm clock squawked, I got the bends.  I could only remember two of the Three Guardsmen, Bill Tilghman and Chris Madsen.  The legendary Oklahoma lawman whose name escaped me was the necessary one.  Heck.

Heck asked me to prom.  No, he asked my friend, really, but what was his name?  So out comes the high school yearbook.  John Heck was class of '73.  Heck Thomas was the lawman.  Our high school economics teacher died this week, well not Heck Thomas's.  The obit didn't mention economics.  And then there's the matter of the apostrophe S.  A real bad day in the making!  To make sure of it, NPR broadcast a feature on irritable bowel syndrome during breakfast. I'm gonna order the Three Guardsmen to haul NPR into the Guthrie jail.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kathleen said...


And I heard about "inflammatory bowel" issues on NPR, relating to autism diagnoses in the recent debunking story, while driving home from work yesterday. So bowels are all around. We can't escape them.


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