Hey! there, Hi! there, Hare! brained

Ho! there.  Sitting with Dad this afternoon, I suddenly wondered whether I had blogged about "hair-brained daughters" or "hare-brained" ones.  Which was right?  What could it hurt to ask Dad?

Howie voted for hair-brained.  I leaned toward hare-brained.  The preschool class rabbit is a wonderful pet, but Norton isn't a rocket scientist.  This led Dad to wonder aloud if I would trim his nose hairs.  He came to his senses, though.

Dad's temper can be hair-trigger when he's had it up to here with his hare-brained daughters.  Yes, he responds to the slightest provocation when we are giddy and flighty.

C!  See you real soon.
Y!  Why?  Because we like you.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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