Cupcake aggravation, O best beloved

I will proceed now to relate how Dad got himself into an agitated state over the delayed delivery of his supper tray.  He had no manners then, and he has no manners now, so he hollered for his supper.  Then he declined to eat his supper except for the cupcake, since he was all in a tizzy to get into bed.  But as he ate the cupcake, only just, the crumbs were distributed all about Dad's turtleneck and sweatpants and furthermore.  When dear Penelope came to pop Dad into his nightshirt and transfer him into beddy-bye, the pulling off of the turtleneck unwound the cake crumbs down into tummy skin rolls and crevices.  And if only Jack Nicholson had been there at the long-term care facility with Bobby McFerrin making music it would have sounded exactly like this.

Just so!

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Reminds of my son, at two, insisting, "No dinner. JUST cookies." (Just so.)

Christine Thresh said...

Nancy, this must be really tough to go through.


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