Blue bag blues

I do a lot of walking along Plano's creeks in my neighborhood, in city parks, and on our trail system. I am disgusted by all the trash, but particularly bothered by the amazing number of bright blue bags littering the banks and water.

Plano doesn't have "blue bag recycling".  What's the source of all these blue plastic bags? Are they left on front doors for used clothing collection? Do they blow and then end up in storm sewers? Bags are never left on doors in my condo complex, but you can find a blue bag every twenty feet along the creek behind our units.

Yes, I'm a crabby CollageMama.  Having just succeeded in convincing a county judge to collect his large fallen campaign sign in a nearby vacant lot, I'm ready to take on my next eyesore. 

This dusk I wore the boots to scramble down the creek bank, but not the gloves to clean up the mess.  Untangled some bags and didn't break my ankle climbing back up.  Sad to say, the blue bags are from a very worthy organization, the Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County.

Now how to convince the organization to use a better method for distributing and attaching bags on doorknobs?

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kathleen said...

Best wishes in your crusade, and thanks for getting the fellow to deal with his campaign sign. They ALL need to follow up on that, don't they, ALL those who campaign with signs?!!

Woman Made Gallery in Chicago had a marvelous installation made from collected plastic bags, and paintings (a series of paintings of natural spaces marred by plastic bags), and a marvelous braided rug...made from plastic bags.

The latter is something I propose...to you! (and hope to do myself someday)...as a possible project for children. Take clean but used plastic bags and braid them into small oval mats for story hour sitting, or home welcome mats. Bring back a craft and reuse some bags!

And maybe the Children's Advocacy Center would sponsor this, and gain volunteers to recollect and wash those bags!


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