Transporting old farts across state lines

Contemplating our upcoming road trip driving Dad from Lincoln, Nebraska to Plano, Texas, my sister and I have divided up the worries.  There are plenty to go around without duplication of efforts.  While MJ frets about blizzards, I fear multigenerational broiling.  To keep a frail, skinny old guy warm enough to ride 650 miles we will have to run the rental car heater on the perpetual Circles of Hell setting.  Yes, we will be driving through Kansas and Oklahoma in a toaster oven on wheels.

When we arrive in Lincoln, MJ and I will have to pack Dad's few belongings and obtain necessary supplies.  Remember the early versions of the Oregon Trail computer game?  It will be much like provisioning a wagon train.

That analogy doesn't bode well.  Through much of the Branch Davidian seige in 1993 my youngest was playing Oregon Trail.  The kindergarten Woolly Mammoth couldn't read, but he could defeat me every game.  My pioneer family never ever made it to the Dalles, and I was a college graduate! 

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

I do wish you well and safe travels. You're going to need it with old farts in the car.

Watch out for new farts.

Kim said...

Layers layers layers. Several pairs of thermals will do the trick.

Collagemama said...

Layers and layers over Depends?

Genevieve said...

I hope you get a window of moderate weather for your trip. Good luck! Be careful!


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