Night and day comma

You are the one dash...Dad has disturbed sleep issues with reversed night and day to go with his dementia.  At 12:45 p.m. he called to check in with me before he went to bed.  I talked him into believing that he just ate lunch, and it would be many hours before bedtime. 

While Dad is generally confused about days, dates, and time, this is the worst his sleep disturbance has been since his hip break in 2007.  During the five days and nights I spent in his hospital room, Dad went way past fruitcake in nuttiness.  He was awake most of the nights either trying to rip out his IVs or chatting with the night aides about favorite ice cream flavors. 

Finally the lowest paid peon on the hospital totem pole switched Dad's tv to a night and day cable channel.  All night it showed constellations and phases of the moon.  All day it ran photos of horses frolicking in sunny pastures.  Amen!  Dad got his circadian rhythms realigned.  Dad needs that tv channel again to get reset. 

Dad may need a dose of Allan Sherman's "Night and Day with Punctuation Marks".  I do.  Just hoping it won't take more pharmaceuticals to get Dad back on track with the sundial.

Night and day, comma.

You are the one, dash.

Only to you comma beneath the moon comma and under the sun.


Whether near to me or far, dot dot dot,

It's no matter comma darling comma where you are, dash.

I think of you, comma.

Night and day, period. New paragraph.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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