Kinder, Gentler, and Tindling

Or Kindle and tindlers.  All very confusing, so I keep skipping through the forest in my red-hooded cloak carrying my bundle of sticks.

I love my Kindle for reading big, heavy novels that might make my wrists tired.  It was great for Moby Dick and The Poisonwood Bible.

The classics that cost $0.00 are hits with me.  This is an easy way to whittle away at my Important Books I Should Have Read But Somehow Didn't List.

Even back wearing my blue vest with all the beads and my red neckerchief, I never did get tinder and kindling straight.  In Campfire Girls we painted wooden matchheads with nail polish and kept them in metal Band-Aid boxes to keep them dry.  Survival skills are soooo important. 

What were those Campfire Girl ranks?

  • Wood Gatherer
  • Fire Maker
  • Torch Bearer
The symbol of membership in the Camp Fire Girls is the silver fagot ring. This is given by the National Board without cost to each girl when she becomes a Wood Gatherer.

And yes, you can spell that bundle of sticks with one or two Gs. As for combustible fiction, I just finished Djibouti, by Elmore Leonard, on my Kindle. 

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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