Friendship with translucent berries

Life is just a bowl of cherries, or else it's the pits.  Friendship, though, is the berries. 

Berries - That which is attractive or pleasing; similar to bee's knees, As in "It's the berries."

My friend in the winter of her life gives me such a Christmas gift.  I can glimpse into her heart while we laugh together about the Seussian bugs on life's surface.  I am awed by her humor, curiosity, graciousness, generosity, and serenity.  I am honored that she peruses my 365 photos and comments about her favorites.  She views my photos on her son's old laptop and types her comments.  That keyboard is missing its "W".  She is unflustered and innovative finding words to write and search without that letter.  Together we Google a tree with blue, football-shaped berries.  Southern black-ha?  Black-da?  Southern black haw.

Odd words come to mind looking through my berry photos over 2010:

frosted subtle  
  strength endurance
beauty berries
 glow rich mature seasoned

Disney  aerial weightless dance

How do we work around the knowledge of our own mortality? How do we get past the missing key? I pray at the end of my life I will still be Googling, consulting my American Heritage dictionary, and thumbing my field guides.

permeable translucent
papery radiant fragile crawling laughing

All is calm
All is bright
Be here now

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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