Fleeting and barking

My clean kitchen won't last unless I never set foot in it again.  Trouble is, the kitchen is the only route to the laundry room.  Well, I could go around back and climb over the privacy fence and pick the lock on the back door, but that would set all the condo dogs barking.  Someone might call the cops.  Jumping over the fence with a basket of dirty clothes would be a true-life Olympic sport.

As soon as the drip pans are out of the dishwasher, I will reassemble this into a model of efficiency and cleanliness.  Even the top of my refrigerator is fuzz-free!  I'll be keeping it clean until after my sister's visit.  She's never seen my condo, even though I've lived in this complex since 1997.  A big sister needs to set a good housekeeping example, therefore my major cleaning efforts.  True, I've never been in her current home.  Maybe it would not pass the white glove test and we would be even in the sibling ledgers.

Hark, hark, the condo dogs bark!
It's been a great week for bark, particularly cedar and sycamore:

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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Genevieve said...

Winter is a great season for observing tree bark. Just today, I noticed for the first time ever that tulip poplar bark is a surprisingly-light shade of gray.


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