Cougar in pale green pants

I had to do an errand, and at least the sun was out.  Thought I'd visit a park in Addison on my way to Lakeshore Learning.  Winnwood Park and White Rock Creek Trail are just south of Beltline and Jake's Burgers.   

Winnford Park has a nice gazebo and a pond with ducks, but no parking.  I had to park at the Town of Addison Finance Office.  It's almost like the public isn't invited to the public park.  There's no map at the Town website, so take a big piece of paper and crayon to make a rubbing of this map in the sidewalk near the gazebo:
Winnwood Park connects (if you can find it) to the White Rock Creek Trail.  If you get mildly lost you will wander into a neighborhood where every house probably has you on its security camera.

I met a woman walking two large, lean hunting machine dogs.  She told me the dogs were ranked the top of their line.  I'm sure they were fabulous animals, but their color reminded me of Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix powder.  The woman told me she wouldn't walk her dogs on the trail "in the forest" because of the cougar.

Cougar?  Isn't that slang for an older woman chasing younger men?  Would there be desperate housewives wearing thongs in the forest?

"The forest" was a narrow shaggy fringe on the bank of White Rock Creek.  The trail was an easy, wide sidewalk.  On the other side of the sidewalk from "the forest" were mighty large and lovely homes.  The woodpeckers and chickadees weren't impressed.

Didn't spot a cougar, or even a bobcat, so I didn't have to hide in a brickel bush.  The concept of cocoa mix was more dangerous.  I did see how White Rock Creek got its name, with the tall banks of white chalk.


And, yes, I had to buy cocoa mix after the invigorating walk.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kathleen said...

Happy hot cocoa to you! I have seen dogs that delicious color.


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