Barney the puppie

Yesterday was going to be My Productive Day.  Squeezing in a quick walk didn't work when my walking buddy and I saw a beagle puppy sniffing around.  It was cute enough to make even me talk babytalk.  Brand new red collar made it look like a Christmas present that unwrapped itself early.

The puppy was so glad to see us, and started following on our walk.  This was not good.  We were likely to lead it far from home.  The brand new tag on the red collar said "Barney".  I called the phone number and left a message about Barney's location. 

Maybe Barney came out of an open garage on the alley.  We walked up the alley with Barney sniffing along, sometimes in front, sometimes behind, frequently underfoot.  At the end of the long alley I called and left another message.

Barney was getting worn out, thirsty, and a bit worried.  Several people working outside admired Barney, but had never seen him before.  Now we were walking back toward where we first met Barney, slower.  A man came out of his house and offered to do a reverse search of the phone number.  Now we had an address for Barney.

Barney's mom had her nose poked under the fence where dogs had dug a hole big enough for Barney's escape.  Barney was glad to see her, but didn't actually want to go home.  I've known a few sons like that!

We curled Barney into a sausage, and slid him through the hole into the backyard.  Blocking the hole with a heavy planter and some bricks, we made one more call to the phone number.  We hoped Barney had a water bowl on the patio.  Maybe Barney's owner should put a cell phone number on his tag.  Barney may grow up to be a ramblin' man.

Our walk was so extended that a lunch out was required, just so we could wonder which President's dog was named "Barney".  The Obamas have Bo.  Clinton had Buddy.  Bush One had Millie, and yes, Dubya was the President with a Barney.  Except for taking Barney back home and making soup, I didn't get much done.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

My Grandpa was named Barney!

Christine Thresh said...

A pokey little puppy.

Collagemama said...

Christine, you are exactly right. I can see the Little Golden Book illustrations by Tenggren now.


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