Are we there yet?

Bad traffic tonight driving home from work.  Big accident on the expressway.  Redirected and stuck behind a car with a pink helium balloon bouncing around inside.

I suspect our New Years trip driving Dad to Texas will be a major lesson in the illusion of control. It will be payback time when our father starts nagging, "Are we there yet?" Maybe I will buy him a helium balloon on a string to take in the car.

Poor guy. I remember a road trip in our un-airconditioned '54 Chevy in about 1961. We ate pancakes at a restaurant, and each of us received a balloon. Each balloon was attached to a stick instead of a string, the better to poke ones' eyes out.  Getting back into the Chevy and onto the highway, we were bopping and flomphing each other with the balloons and blocking Dad's rear-view mirror. All of a sudden he swerved onto the shoulder and opened the car door. The balloons flew off into the sky. Our little kid jaws dropped. You can only push a parent so far!

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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