Leftovers for breakfast

Enjoyed my breakfast pasta with mushrooms, garlic, peppers, celery, beef, and pine nuts.  Can't remember when last I wore my jammies at ten a.m.  There's no chance sleeping in could become a habit, but it was a real treat. While wishing for some grated Parmesan, I scanned Abigail Carroll's story about leftovers, "Remains of the Day" in the New York Times

Living alone has freed me from the breakfasts of/for champions.  No more cereal, pancakes, smoothies, or Jiffy muffin mixes.  Nothing sweet.  My preferred jumpstart is a breakfast burrito with strangled eggs, cheese, peppers, tomatoes, cumin, cayenne, sometimes beans, avocado, or yogurt in the tortilla. 

It's been several years since my sons and I were together for Thanksgiving.  When they rolled out of bed that Black Friday, the guys were stunned to find Mom eating turkey, stuffing, and sauerkraut for breakfast. 

Abigail Carroll reports that, "The morning of the grisly 1892 Lizzie Borden murders in Fall River, Mass., the family breakfasted on mutton soup and cold mutton from the day before."  If the Bordens had started the day with sauerkraut no axes would have been required.

I read a review of Dave Dewitt's "Founding Foodies: How Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin Revolutionized American Cuisine "  yesterday.  Would George have like my English muffin with egg, cheddar, mustard, and pickles for breakfast?

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Kathleen said...

Likewise, hearty breakfast for me these days: recently, leftover stuffing; often, leftover pizza; occasionally, leftover cold hamburger in a bun. But soon I will resume vegetarianism. Carrots and apples for breakfast are good, too!

Code word: "hotica"

Collagemama said...

Back in high school when I rode my bike to work at the hospital kitchen by six a.m. I used to break my fast with carrots, pretzels, and a fried egg.


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