I yink therefore I yam

 Drained of pink ink, my Canon printer hollered for more.  8 Magenta!  Need more 8 Magenta!!  I could have had a V-8, but instead I jumped in the Buick to buy pink ink.

Grabbed the 8 PM Pixma (photo magenta) refill at Office Max on my way to downtown Dallas for the symphony.  Came home still under the spell of Ravel's "La Valse" and ripped open the new cartridge.  Popped it into the printer and got WARNING WARNING DANGER DANGER messages with flashing lights.  Darn, but it likes to wink and blink!  I really need to print, but I think it's too late to buy the right 8 Magenta ink. 

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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