Blue speckled enamelware

"Not I," said the goose.  "Not I," said the duck.  No one knew if the goose wearing the pan for a hat inspired all those adolescents in saggy pants and backwards caps.
  This is my favorite page of my ancient Little Golden Book copy of the The Little Red Hen, c1942 and 1954, (25 cents).  The paper is brittle and yellowed, but the design sense and humor still shine in J. P. Miller's illustration.

I love enamelware.  I love the chuckwagon practicality of it, and the dusty metal smell.  I'd like to have time to study it, although my fondness is difficult to explain.  At least I'd like to sort out enamelware, graniteware, and Agate. 
Thanksgiving is coming, and the children collected the last tomatoes from the garden.  The preschoolers are cutting them to make a sauce for the school feast.  We are all contributing to this effort in theory.

So far, the concepts of teamwork and sharing haven't kicked in. I read The Little Read Hen with my best animal voices, but the kids had no ideas why the hen was eating the loaf of bread herself.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

I remember not understanding Little Red Hen as a kid, too. And I remember that particular book! We have another version in our house at the moment, and I remember reading it to my kids with the various voices.

Love the close up blue enamelware. Thanks!

BrendaLou said...

We had that Little Golden Book when I was a kid and again when my kids were kids. But somehow it just seemed mean to me that she ate it all herself. So I always read the ending as follows:

"But it was I who grew, ground, baked..etc and because I have Jesus in my heart I'm going to share my bread with you! And they all said grace and ate together as friends."

Now I read it to my grandchildren and they love that part!

PS...I, too, love blue granit ware and have quite a collection I use as often as I can.


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