Where do you go? And aim, please!

We all need our little happy place to travel in our imagination when the going gets rough and the preschoolers keep peeing on the floor.  Lord knows where preschoolers' minds go, but they need to aim better!

When stressed my boss goes to Orcus Island.  It looks like a beautiful place for mental travel.  I go to El Malpais.  We both travel to places with lots of space and air and quiet.  I don't go "home" to any of my previous homes.  I choose a place of stark, arid beauty.  I might remember the spiritual experience witnessing the bats leaving Carlsbad Cavern.  Monahans Sand Dunes is another place where my brain can get a dry, abrasive, and cleansing dose of calm.  My boss chooses a place with wild black rabbits or whales. 

Just curious, but where do you go to find that little piece of quiet or shred of sanity?  What locale do you visualize?


© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

1 comment:

Rick said...

My peaceful place is Sedona!


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