When I grow up

Maybe someday I will have a sense of style.  For now, I just accumulate interesting things that don't go together at all. 

I've just shipped an ABF U-Pack Relo-Cube from the house where I grew up to the condo where I live.  Neither location feels like home at the moment.  One was my parents' residence for fifty-two years.  The other has been my abode for a decade.  Being stiflingly stuffed with possessions does not make a house a home.  Being a warehouse for generations of mementos isn't necessarily conducive to healthy living.

This afternoon I've tried to compile an inventory sorted by color and historical era.  I wish I could step back three giant steps to get an overview.  In the meantime, I am washing items to get rid of the cedar chest smell that makes me sneeze.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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