We did not quibble over tokens

Dividing a houseful of personal property isn't going to be pretty.  You will need allergy pills and eye drops for the dust.  You will need an industrial strength sense of humor, and a tolerance for spiders.  Buy the three-pack of Office Depot packing tape.  You won't believe how much tape you will need.

The process brings out the best and worst in siblings, but we made it through with only one big misunderstanding. My third of the loot is now in Texas.  The curse of generations continues.  Someday my sons and their ladies will have to deal with this stuff.  They will roll their eyes.  I know because I did some major eye rolls with my sister over my parents' incredible random acumulations. 

My living room is filled with boxes.  One of those boxes holds the green houses and red hotels from a Monopoly game.  My sister thought I would need the Chance cards, but not the deeds.  She wants me to broker a deal where I send our brother the race car token so he might send her the iron or thimble token for old times' sake. 

Another box holds marbles, dominoes, and Mom's Scrabble game.  Quibble starts with a ten-point letter.  Avoiding major arguments is priceless.  

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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